For the Time Being

I have been working on this film since the summer after my freshman year and after many ups and downs I'm hoping to start production as soon as the world is back to normal.

The story follows a young man who encounters a being that can control people’s perceptions of time. This being starts to wreak havoc on his relationship as David skips ahead in his own timeline.

For the Time Being is a music-driven surrealist science fiction film. It is broken into two main segments: four live-action scenes taking place in a kitchen, each followed by a  VFX/animation scene taking place inside the realm of the Being. An unspecified amount of time will pass between each scene.

This is a story about my experiences with mental health

The idea first started the summer after freshman year when I was absent-mindlessly sketching and this figure appeared (the one in the front)

I started exploring this character and making concept art. I've explored many different visual styles and color palettes.

Here is a photo composition - I was trying to visualize how this may look in the film

This was a more experimental piece exploring the Time Being as a character - I like the idea that the Being is passive (until the climax), yet still has complete control

This was me trying to figure out what the realm of the Being looks like. This scene takes place the first time David meets the Being.

An oil painting of the space

Here is another concept video for the first scene with the being

This animation is the climax of the film - I wanted to create it digitally to see the camera angles of what I want the finished shots to look like.

I sent this concept art to my friend who does SFX makeup work and he made four amazing masks for the Being - I intentionally left the face of the being vague in my art so I was excited to see what he came up with. Each will be worn in a different phase of the story.

Hopefully I will be able to film soon!